Quintanar del Rey is located in the región of the Manchuela, inside the province of Cuenca, this one placed to a height of 751 meters on the level of the sea with a few climatic ideal characteristics for the cultivation of the vineyard with strong termal jumps between the day and the night providing a ripeness slow and prolonged until the ideal maturity of the grape. The Cooperative relies on at present with 900 associates, that they cultivate approximately 6800 hectares of vineyard, principally in Deep and clayey soils with a production of approximately 50 Million of Kilograms.

The Cooperative has a Technical service which function is to provide an exhaustive control for the vineyards, not only to guarantee a goog economic profitability, as well as final quality of the crop, but the certify that in the vineyards are developed in a good agricultural practices that are favorable for the conservation and respect of the enviroment.

The predominant variety is the autochthonous BOBAL, followed of TEMPRANILLO and ROBE TINTORERA, though in the last years foreing varieties have been introduced such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Sirach and Merlot. As for White grape, it predominates over the variety Macabeo.